Interlocks in YOUR car?

Emerging Interlock Technology

Auto and interlock manufacturers are spending millions to develop interlock technology that has the potential to be seamlessly blended into cars as original equipment—much like airbags. They have already developed a number of options that could be integrated into new vehicles.

Read the Universal Interlock Technology Report.

Click on the Nissan Concept Car design below to see how some of the interlocks would work.

Nissan concept car

Source: Nissan

Watch the video of Nissan’s interlock concept car

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Did you know?

Did you know that Saab and Volvo already have breathalyzer devices available for new cars?

Volvo's alcoguard

Source: Volvo

Volvo’s AlcoGuard is an integrated breathalyzer-ignition interlock that is already offered in Sweden as optional equipment. The AlcoGuard is set to prohibit vehicle operation when a person’s BAC is .02 or higher. Volvo claims that .02 is “an international standard that ensures safe driving.” By 2020, Volvo wants integrated systems that will “support all drivers in all situations.” (pdf)

Saab key

Source: Engadget

Saab has also developed a cell phone-sized breathalyzer called Alcokey. The device is attached to the car’s keys and a driver is required to blow into the device before the engine can start. Field testing of the device began in late 2006.